Alter Christus' new get together in Rome! (May 2014)

The initiative of Alter Christus has already produced its first fruits. Since its creation, the community of women praying and helping the priests, all over the world, is every day more committed to this wonderful apostolate.

We would like to invite you to our first get together next May, in Rome, at the feet of Peter, the first apostle and chief of the Church. We will discuss about the new actions we can take in order to spread our spiritual action and aid the priests, share our experiences, and pray.

At the program: meetings, Holy Mass, visit of Rome.

The date will be fixed soon. Please answer to this invitation.

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What's New

About Fr. Thomas Euteneuer...

(Liana Marabini, founder of this website, MONTE-CARLO)

21st February 2017

Following Father Thomas Euteneuer's statement, I received several messages from women all over the world, asking Alter Christus website to dedicate special prayers to this priest...

Project of film about Pius XII

The Unseen World

A new movie about the priesthood

New Testimonies

He Prays for the Unborn Children

(Diane, BOSTON)

March 2013

My daughter Lynn lost her baby. It was a terrible moment for all of us. In the hospital, I met Father Cyril...

New Books

The Catholic Priest, Image of Christ Through Fifteen Centuries of Art

A new book to commemorate the Year for Priests



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